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I’ve written a web-posting that initially was supposed to be more of a humorous essay, though I could never find a proper home for it.  But in any case, I needed to record a dream that I had, and all that follows is true, I swear, and in my dream more vivid than reality…


Favre: Commericals and Dreams


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A couple years ago I wrote an article about Operation Fresh Start, a great not-for-profit that combines affordable housing and job-training for at-risk kids.  I just wanted to post a link to the story before it gets lost in the shuffle.


In other news, I wrote a hand-tooled letter to an old friend yesterday and, like clockwork, the karmic forces of things found fit to deliver to my little house a letter from another friend. A good, good friend. One of the best letters I have ever read. Details from his time in Vietnam. Observations flying over the Alaskan outback. Reflections on a young marriage.

Nothing, nothing, beats a hand-tooled letter.

It was cold tonight and we are poor. Solution: grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

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