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Alright, I’ve been away from Light Travels Faster Downhill for a period now approaching two months. I have some good reasons:

1.) I’ve been thinking about my stories. A lot. As in, staying up at night, laying in bed, wrestling with imaginary characters and invisible plot lines, etc. In the last three weeks and specifically in four very trying days I completed my longest short story/novella yet; another story about a wedding in the Upper Midwest that presently spans about 57 pages.

This is very good news for me as a writer because to me it indicates that I’m stretching out ideas, developing characters more and settling into scene. The new story is rough (it debuts in Workshop next Tuesday), but I’m very proud of it. It combines elements of a story that my brother-in-law Reidar told me about, the wedding of my friends Chuck & Shannon, and remembrances of my childhood and my father.

2.) I’m beat. I’m exhausted. I’m tired of driving, tired of being away from Henry and Regina. Tired of spending ten hours behind the wheel when I could, when I ought to be doing SOMETHING, anything, productive. I’m really just dog-tired. About two weeks ago I left Minnesota on Monday afternoon and Henry began SOBBING, clinging to me like a little koala bear. It was heartbreaking. I had to wonder if it was borderline traumatic, how much he understands about my current schedule and our lives. I have so much to be thankful for in terms of the Writer’s Workshop, but at the same time, I’m also ready to be coming down the home stretch.

3.) I began wondering about this blog, its pertinence. WHY (?) am I writing blog and who am I writing it for? For myself? For friends and family? I just began rolling those questions around in my head. The truth is, I’m not sure questioning a project like this is really worthwhile. Some of my friends and relatives seem to get a kick out of it, so I’m going to keep maintaining it (this blog.) At the very least, it keeps me writing something.

4.) I’ve received dozens of rejections in the last few months and that has become a little depressing. I’ve also had some nice successes, but I think I’m the kind of person/writer who dwells on the failures to fuel his successes. If that makes sense.

So anyway, I’ll try to be more diligent.

Went to the doctor today. He seemed satisfied with my health though, they’re going to remove a mole from my back next week. So there’s that. Also, today in class, we read a poem written in 1993. I said to my students, “That doesn’t seem like so long ago to me, but I suppose its been eighteen years of pretty interesting American history. A lot has changed.”

To which one of my students said, “I was born in 1993.”

I began laughing hysterically and pulling at my thinning hair.


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