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Tomorrow (Tuesday March 1st) PBS will be filming our workshop. That is to say, Sam Chang’s workshop; twelve students including myself.

The class is always conducted in the most dramatic of the Workshop’s spaces: a room with a great circular table and expansive views of the Iowa River. In the early evenings crows gather by the hundreds or thousands and blacken out the crowns of nearby trees. Their noises are loud, even through the windows. Other nights, hawks and bald eagles wheel past our classroom.

PBS was also recently filming my friend Marcus Burke. His apartment, how he writes and where, his walk home. I’m so happy for him – you couldn’t BUY that kind of exposure – and he deserves it all. Mark my words: you will know the name of Marcus Burke in the coming years. He’s well on his way.

So, we’ll have to see how things go. Will cameras affect how we deal with one another? Will the two writers who “are up” get an honest shake? What will happen will people stop being polite and start getting real?

Ha. No, tomorrow will be cool. No where else in the world would this happen but at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

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