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Dude day

Tomorrow is another “dude-day”. Me and Henry, chilling out, watching “Northern Exposure” or “The X-Files”. We nap quite a bit, or go for strolls through the neighborhood. “Green Eggs and Ham” has become a stand-by. Luckily, Uncle Lump delivered three pounds of coffee the other day. Things were looking bleak at Casa Butler on the caffeine front.

In other news, I’ve been working on grad school applications and sending out hand-written letters. Currently reading Per Peterson’s “Out Stealing Horses”. Sort of a Norwegian Cormac McCarthy heavy on run-on sentences.


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A couple years ago I wrote an article about Operation Fresh Start, a great not-for-profit that combines affordable housing and job-training for at-risk kids.  I just wanted to post a link to the story before it gets lost in the shuffle.


In other news, I wrote a hand-tooled letter to an old friend yesterday and, like clockwork, the karmic forces of things found fit to deliver to my little house a letter from another friend. A good, good friend. One of the best letters I have ever read. Details from his time in Vietnam. Observations flying over the Alaskan outback. Reflections on a young marriage.

Nothing, nothing, beats a hand-tooled letter.

It was cold tonight and we are poor. Solution: grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

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Henry and Regina are napping.  Just me and a bottle of Autumnal Fire by Capitol Brewing.  Hank and I took a walk today – cold out there.  All the leaves shifting from green to yellow.  Very few reds or oranges.

I’m reading Richard Russo’s Straight Man right now.  Very good.  Funny.  Great narration.

The writing is coming along.  I’ll start work on a piece about printmaker Ray Gloeckler next week, which is also a great excuse to get back in touch with some old friends in the Watrous Gallery.

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“Contradance in a Good Square or Circle” was published online today at New Verse News, a nice online spot for progressive poetry.  Here’s the link:http://newversenews.blogspot.com/

I’m happy this poem found a home.  I’d shopped it to The Nation but they were not interested.

Just a night up in northern Wisconsin with Regina, the Swans, Mel Bachhuber, Novak, and possibly Jules.  Arguably the best workout of my life.


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Henry and I took a walk today.  Through the East-side rail corridor and past Schenk-Atwood and the four corners.  A beautiful day.  He fell asleep against my chest as we walked.  When we arrived home the mailman had left a package from friends in the Twin Cities.  While Henry napped this afternoon, I finished Dave Eggers’ Zeitoun.  I don’t think it was a great book, but it was eye-opening.  I recommend goggling Camp Greyhound.  Later in the afternoon, my neighbor Randy came over and offered me a day of work, paid under the table, doing inventory with him at the warehouse he works at.  Even as poor as we are right now, it is hard not to feel fortunate.  You think about how big the world is, how many people live everyday in squalor and unhappiness.  Hard to fathom.

My poetry is coming along.  Knocked out some good stuff this weekend.  I’ve already submitted more stuff this fall, than at any other point in my life.  I eagerly await the mail each day.

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